Thai Idol Wears Nazi Symbol Sparks Global Outrage and Conversation of Asians Being Insensitive

How offending can symbols be on clothes whether the symbols are religion-related or fascist? It can be very much so especially if the symbol was responsible for mass massacres.

According to The Sun, a member of Thailand’s most popular all-girl band has apologized for wearing a shirt with a Nazi symbol, swastika, during a television appearance. The performance had drawn “shock and dismay” from the Israeli embassy.

Source: ABC

The idol, 19-year-old Pichayapa “Namsai” Natha was seen wearing a red-and-black top with the swastika in the middle. She wore the controversial tee-shirt during the group’s televised rehearsal on Jan 27 2019 (Fri).

The deputy chief of mission of the Israeli Embassy in Bangkok, Smadar Shapira, took to Twitter to express “shock and dismay” at the outfit, noting that Sunday (Feb 27) was International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Things became worse when news outlets reported her outfit along the fact she met the Israeli Ambassador with her band’s CEO on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Namsai has already apologized for her ignorance on her Instagram and also in a night concert after people condemned her outfit.

“I want this to be an example for everyone, please forgive me,” the 19-year-old singer said, bursting into tears. But now she fears she might be disbanded from the group due to the incident.

But to Namsai defence, in Thailand, the history of the Holocaust is only covered by a small portion in Thai’s high school textbooks, said a scholar, Charlermchai Phanlert from the Education Ministry. That means Thai education put less emphasis on Nazis and their impact in European countries.

Images of Hitler, swastikas and other Nazi regalia are fairly common on T-shirts and memorabilia in Thailand, a phenomenon blamed on a lack of awareness about world history. However, Thailand is not the only country that has this uncontrolled trend on Nazi. Other Asian countries like China, Japan and Korea have the iconic Nazi symbol and Adolf Hitler as part of their “art”.

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Source: Kotaku

Kotaku reported Korean girls group Pritz became draw criticism when they wore armbands that look almost but not similar to the Nazi’s symbol. Though the symbol in their armband is not the swastika but two crossing arrows, Korean netizens were worried that it might offend the Westerners.

One Korean Twitter user compared the design to the Hungarian Arrow Cross Party’s flag, which featured a directional arrow. The Arrow Cross Party pushed for racial purity during its brief rule in 1944, and its leaders were later tried as war criminals. Though, it actually looks closer to the Nationalist Movements Crosstar.

Source: AllKpop

Pritz members did not wear the armband all the time, however, the group’s management was trying to shift away from the resemblance altogether.

In China, a young couple posted a range of their cosplay wedding photos on the Internet several years ago. The bride was dressed up as an android from a very popular Manga, while the groom dressed as an SS Nazi military soldier. The couple wedding photos were heavily condemned by netizens.

China Hush wrote the article along with some netizens comment, translated to English from Mandarin. As a result, this couple just did not receive any blessings from online. Netizens were extremely offended with the couple’s choice of the groom’s “suit”.

Source: China Hush

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