The Malaysian government wants to set a ceiling price for domestic flight tickets

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Prices of flight tickets can be pricey during the festive season but it looks like the government is gonna try to manage the prices a bit

If you’ve ever complained just how ridiculous prices for flight tickets can get as the festive season nears, you’ll be glad about this piece of news. It seems after numerous complaints by consumers on how expensive domestic tickets can get during these seasons, the Malaysian government is now looking to implement a ceiling price for the tickets.

If you’ve ever tried getting flight tickets at the last minute to “balik kampung” during the major festive periods like Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali, you’ll already know just how ridiculously pricey those tickets back can cost. According to Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Ab Aziz Kaprawi, an increase as high as five-fold in ticket prices can occur during peak periods.

For example, a ticket to East Malaysia, either Sabah or Sarawak, from the peninsular, could be around RM160 on normal periods, but during the festive season, they can rise up to even around RM1000, ONE WAY. That amount can sometimes be enough to bring one to a nice foreign destination.

According to the deputy minister in a report from The Sun, the Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) has been instructed to conduct a study on setting a ceiling price for domestic flights. It is due for completion mid-2018, where we assumed it would be implemented as soon as it’s approved.

However, there is only so much the government can help out as flight tickets are ultimately set by the airline companies. The prices are usually set based on a variety of factors including market demand, economic situation and operational cost. As such Deputy Minister also advised traveller to schedule their travel plans ahead of time and not to buy tickets at the last minute.

That’s pretty good advice to be honest but sometimes we just have no choice due to unforeseen circumstances

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