This Couple Drives to Your Home to Iron Your Clothes, Charges RM5 per KG of Folding

Hate doing your own laundry? While the 21st-century promise has yet to deliver house chore robots, this couple, however, has brought a new innovation to your laundry management at home.

According to The Star, a former graphic designer at a media firm had quit her 10-year job and started a business to iron and fold clothes for a living.

Source: The Star

Mak Cik Cleaning Services founder Wan Nazwani Wan Johan travels to customers’ home to do their laundry and stated that there’s a huge market for this business.

The idea for such a business model came after Wan Nazwani realized her exceptional skills in folding and ironing clothes, something she could do in a breeze.

“I sat down and weighed all of my options and skills. I knew I could iron well and that other people disliked doing this task.

“But after my first customer, I was worried that my ironing was not satisfactory.

“It was only when they called me repeatedly that I knew it would work.

“The relief I saw on my customers’ faces was priceless,” she related.

Source: Facebook

The Iron Lady found that people were willing to spend money to have their mountains of workwear, shirts, dresses, and baju kurung ironed and put on hangers.

She said that most of her customers valued the freedom out of these chores and treasure their free time on weekend immensely. Regular customers were those people in the media line, doctors, teachers, and college students.

Mak Cik Cleaning Services had been in operation since 2016 and she charged customers RM5 per kilogram of clothes for folding.

“Most of the time there is a huge pile of washed clothes at their clients’ homes.

“Recently, it took us two days to finish ironing and folding newly laundered clothes of one family in Subang Jaya who had just returned from a holiday.

“It was a challenging task as I had to sort out the clothes, fold them and place them into different baskets,” she said, adding that her customers grew through word-of-mouth as she was able to deliver satisfactory services.

Source: The Star

Her husband, Mohd Ridzuan, had since joined her venture and quit his extreme sports organizer business. The couple in their 30s found this market gap as they realized many women dislike  doing such chores.

“We invested in a premium steam iron and we drive to people’s homes to fold or iron their clothes.

“It is an interesting job because we discovered that women dislike folding clothes. Many need the service during their confinement period,” said Ridzuan.

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