This Economy Rice Stall Charges Only RM6 No Matter How Much You Put On Plate

Staying true to its roots, this economy rice stall is truly economical because it caps its prices to RM6 no matter how much you put on your plate. Yes, no matter how many fish you take, it’s just RM6!

Located in Bukit Raja, Klang, China Press described the 34-year-old owner surnamed Lee as the “benevolent boss” because of his determination to make economy rice affordable again like it did in the old days.

Source: China Press

He told the daily that with the rising cost of living, economy rice patrons faced the dilemma to either choose to satisfy their tummy in expense to pay more or to just eat a little and stay frugal.

“As long as the dishes are within the plate, customers can choose the dishes they like according to their personal preferences.

“No matter how much they take, the most expensive is only RM6. Just make sure no food fall out the plate,” said Lee.

Source: China Press

If you didn’t know, economy rice is much like nasi kandar where customers help themselves by selecting a few dishes from an array of troughs filled with commonly cooked dishes. Eating together with a plate rice, customers would be charged according to what they take and how much they take.

Lee runs his hawker stall at Garden Food Point (花园美食) at Jalan Rodat 4/KU6. He proposed the idea to the coffee shop owner and managed to rent the space at a “friendship price.” Together with his partner surnamed Tan, 36, the duo takes turns to visit the market every morning to buy the ingredients. Lee said the dishes he prepares for the day depends on what’s cheap in the morning market.

It’s reported that they started out by capping the price at RM5 per plate on August 8. After running on the model for a while, they realized they were making losses thus forcing them to raise by RM1 last week.

Source: Facebook

Lee said he will continue on this model even after the implementation of the sales and service tax (SST). He promised that as long as the business is sustainable, there wouldn’t be any changes to the price.

The humble stall also allows customers to take away the food as long as what they take could be held inside the container. As for the light eaters, Lee said customers who take dishes worth less than RM6 would be priced accordingly.

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