“This is a Cinema, Not Concert!” Netizens Slam BTS Fans’ Flash Mob and Fan Chant in Cinema

Known for its notorious fan base on the Internet sphere, Kpop group Bangtan Boys, or more famously known as BTS, has one of the most supportive fans in the world which called themselves ARMY.

Source: GSC Cinema

With their recent movie − Burn The Stage: The Movie – premiering, fans have been flooding selected cinemas to watch the documentary slash musical. And some moviegoers were clearly not happy about it.

According to a viral tweet, netizen Katy condemned the fans for performing a flash mob outside a cinema.

“No! This is a cinema, not a concert, please. What are you all doing?” exclaimed Katy which she shared along with a five-second footage of the group dancing.

Published on Thursday (Nov 15), the post was retweeted over 10,000 times in just two days.

Katy said that such an action isn’t appropriate in public places. According to her, it would disturb the general public who just wanted to enjoy the movie in peace.

However, the flash mob was allegedly performed with the cinema staff’s consent. They even encouraged it. Although a fan of BTS herself, Katy still felt that it was outrageous and disturbing.

In the thread, she contended that she wasn’t a killjoy and reiterated that there are time and place for everything. She added that she wouldn’t want to go to watch the movie while the fans were screaming throughout the film.

Katy shared another fellow netizen’s video where the fans were making loud fan chant when the movie was rolling. The netizen was heard saying “watch the movie and shut up” in the video.

Other netizens also shared the same thoughts with Katy and supported her for calling out these oblivious fans. There were also a lot of BTS fans defending their fellow ARMY’s action.

One netizen even saw a fan dancing in McDonald’s and that the fans were screaming oppa (older brother) at the screen during the movie.

On the production company’s Twitter page, Trafalgar Releasing shared similar videos from all over the world where fans were seen performing flash mob outside the cinemas. In some countries such as Ireland and Spain, fans were only seen grouped together and did a group cheer.

In Lebanon, the ARMY was also seen dancing in a big group, blocking the whole concourse area.

GSC Cinema in Malaysia also posted a video of Malaysian fans cheering in unison.

Do you think it is right for the fans to be so selfish? Do you condone such fanatic fans’ act? Let us know in the comments below. 

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