This is what Street Fighter looks like in AR

Apart from the monster that Pokemon Go was, there hasn’t been a really big AR phenomenon. Well, until the Harry Potter AR game that’s in the works comes out.

In the meantime, people have been doing really fun things with AR. With AR kits available on various platforms it makes sense that people would muck about with existing games to make things better. Take a look at what Abhishek Singh did with Street Fighter II.

In an interview with Gizmodo, Singh said that he used ARKit in Unity to create a usable game that is playable on the iPhone.

From the looks of the video demo, it looks playable though not what you could call entirely polished. But then Street Fighter II is an older game so expectations would need to be managed.

What makes it different from other AR games you’ve seen so far is that it allows for a true multiplayer experience. One player finds a flat surface, projects a fighter and then another player can join in with his own fighter selection. Then begins a battle, Street Fighter style which proves to be very entertaining and you can only wish something like this already existed.

Singh hasn’t just tried this with Street Fighter – he’s also created some interesting AR stuff with Super Mario Bros and even emulated that infamous TV scene from The Ring.

It seems Singh would like to get the game out but he says he’s figuring out some copyright things. It’s a shame, though, but perhaps it would spur other AR game creators to come up with interesting ideas in the same vein. In the meantime, we can dream and watch the YouTube video.

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