This Lewd Doctor Stripped, Kissed and Groped Young Intern Doctors Daringly For Years!

Hospital romance may not be all sunshine and rainbows like you see in American drama series such as Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago Med, 9-1-1, Code Black, or The Resident.

In fact, an exclusive report by The Star yesterday had shown the lewd side of “hospital romance”. Instead of mutual and consented loving between two medical professionals, the daily exposed houseman doctors underwent horrific sexual exploitation by senior doctors simply because they held the power to fail or pass their apprenticeship.

Stripped and forced kissed her

Source: The Star

In one of the stories, houseman Michelle (alias) was summoned to her department head’s office after her long shift at the hospital came to an end. She was called to for work-related matters and was given a pretext that there would be another person in the meeting. Little did she know she was walking into a sexual assault.

As soon as Michelle walked in, the senior doctor closed the door behind him. The 27-year-old lady doctor told the daily, “He then grabbed me and started to unbutton my shirt and kiss my lips.”

“He said he was going to give me his ‘blessings’. I pushed him away and ran out of the room.

“I was shocked and depressed. I cried, I was disgusted,” she related.

Michelle said it wasn’t an isolated case as she was repeatedly touched inappropriately by the doctor and demanded her to go drinking with him throughout her posting.

“He would tell me to drink almost all the drinks he ordered and would try to grab my breasts after I become tipsy.

“He asked me to send him home so we can continue, but I always managed to find excuses,” she said, adding that the vile doctor would ask her to go drinking as often as twice a week.

Michelle revealed that she was under duress to comply with his demands because he had threatened to fail her housemanship if she didn’t do as he said.

“He told me and the others that there was a non-academic component to our test, and if we don’t follow his orders, we would be failed,” she related.

The young doctor had a police report made last October but no actions had been taken against the doctor since.

The Star claimed Michelle’s ordeal was one of many cases in the hospital who had fallen prey to the depraved doctor. He was the head of an Orthopaedics department in a Klang Valley hospital and he ruled the department with an iron fist, targeting young fe­male housemen whom he felt were powerless against him.

Groped her breast and pinched her

Another victim told the daily that the doctor was relentless in making sexual advances toward her who once even groped her breasts while she was in an exercise position. She said the incident happened du­ring a physical exercise activity at the hospital had marred a permanent bane in her mind. She also revealed, “Whenever he is bored, he would call me to his office to talk about sex.”

The doctor even went to her place to snap pictures of her house and sent it to her via WhatsApp. Agreeing with Michelle, she said the doctor liked to invite housemen to drink with him and try to get them drunk.

Houseman Sarah (alias) told the daily that she was warned about the doctor the first day she started her stint.

“I made sure I went to his office with my friend as I needed a photo with him for a report.

“When I was taking the photo, he pinched me – at the bra line.

“I gave him a cold stare to which he said: ‘I can do this because I am a father to you all’,” Sarah related.

The doctor told Sarah to bring her bikini wear when they were going on to a medical conference in another state but she didn’t oblige. After knowing he had no chance with Sarah, the doctor bulldozed her with 36-hour shifts on consecutive days. She had left the hospital since.

Force kissed her cheek

Another 27-year-old houseman said she was “cornered” at the end of her shift and was told to carry his bag to his car. She related, “When we were alone, he suddenly said he wanted to take a sel­fie.

“Since our bodies were close when taking the picture, he kissed my cheek.”

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