This M’sian Baby Becomes South East Asia Youngest Person To Have Advance Hearing-Aid Implant

Getting the most advanced medical treatment does not come easy, especially if it is one that can replace a biology body part. This little baby has just undergone a successful procedure and regained his hearing back.

A 7-year-month-old Malaysian baby boy just became the youngest person to have a cochlear implant in South East Asia.

According to Harian Metro, infant Kang Rong Chen became deaf when he suffered Meningitis disease at three-month-old. His 34-year-old mother, Tan Lian Chern, said that her youngest son was born normal until he was two-months-old when Kang had a high fever and received treatment at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Hospital University Sains Malaysia (HUSM) at Kubang Kerian, Kelantan.

Kang’s mother said, “All these while when he was getting treated in the hospital, I found it odd when my son was not showing any response when he was surrounded by loud noises.”

“After doing a few hearing tests, we found out Kang had a serious nerve hearing problem on both ears,” she said at the Cochlear Implant Support Group Launching Ceremony in USM at the Nurani Hall, USM Campus yesterday (Mar 7).

Source: mStar

Earlier, campus director Professor Datuk Dr Ahmad Sukari Halim launched a supporting group in conjunction with “Wold Hearing Day’.

The mother of five said the baby boy started to have his first cochlear implant in his left ear on March 22 last year when he was seven-months-old. Six months later, he got his second implant in his right ear at HUSM. Kang has shown a huge improvement after the operations, which he could hear once again and had spoken words like “milk”.

Even the success of the implant, his mother is still worried as she and her husband, Kang Chin Tiong, 35, have to always keep an eye on baby Kang. She feared that he would pull out his implants, she said.

Meanwhile, Hearing Implant Team Advisor (HIT) in USM Professor Dr Dinsuhaimi Sidek said that since 2004 till now, HIT has managed to handle 48 cases that involve patients who underwent cochlear implants from age of seven to 58.

“The total cost of the entire operation is RM80,000 for one cochlear implant to be worn by a patient.

“If parents notice a newborn child has a hearing problem, they have to send the baby to the intensive care unit, so they could do something before it is too late,” he said in the ceremony.

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