This M’sian Man is Driving Initial D’s AE86 from Putrajaya to Germany to Marry His Lover

There are a few cars in the history of the automobile has earned a legendary status for its exceptional performance. Among them is Toyota’s AE86, which was made famous after the anime-manga Initial D became a global hit.

Known as Hachiroku, the number 86 in Japanese, car enthusiasts know the car works wonder when it comes to durability − which is why this Malaysian has chosen this lightweight coupe debuted in 1983 as the vehicle to drive 32,000km from Malaysia to Germany to marry the love of his life.

Taking to Facebook to announce his embarkment, 34-year-old Engku Mohammad Hadri Engku Hassan told his journey began yesterday (Aug 19) from Putrajaya and it will take three months for him to arrive in Germany.

In a brief account, Hadri said he first met the girl he is going to marry during a work trip to Germany in 2007. She is a 30-year-old German/Turkish, according to NST.

Hadri with his fiancee, Derya Suzan Mete, beside a (left) new AE86 − GT86. Source: Facebook | Hadri Emh

They were connected on Friendster and Hadri found her compatible after many conversations with her. The language barrier between them was never a problem.

Within that seven days visit in 2007, he fell completely in love with her.

Two years later, Hadri flew to Germany to confess his love for her with a simple rose and a letter on his hands − in which moved her to tears. They were together since and Hadri proposed to her a few years later on.

Growing up, Hadri was never the one that did well in class but one thing undeniable was his love for cars. Second to his lover, of course. We hope…

In 2018, he suggested the idea to drive all the way to Germany to tie the knot with her but everyone thought the idea was bonkers. However, Hadri insisted and sourced for sponsorship to make his expedition easier.

With the support from the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, F Tuned Racing Suspension: Roaming Man, RezaAutopart and several other companies, Hadri was flagged off at Putrajaya yesterday officiated by the Malaysian tourism ministry.

The ministry helped him in acquiring the necessary visas while FTuned Suspension and Yokohama sponsored his AE86 with tyres.

“Hadri is such an inspiration to us all because he believes in what he does and achieves the impossible. The drive will not be easy, there will be obstacles but we believe Hadri will conquer it all and enjoy new life experience meeting new people of different nationality, race, and religion along the way,” reported.

The post has since gone viral with over 2,200 shares. You can catch Hadri’s journey update on @ae86worldtour (Instagram) or

AE86 in Initial D anime. Source: Giphy

We wish Hadri the best in his journey! And a happy marriage ahead!

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