This robotic spider will give you the creeps

Robots based off ants and millipedes aren’t all that unusual anymore, as are robots inspired by any other small (or large) wildlife, but how often can they do acrobatic rolls?

If that doesn’t seem terrifying enough (because well, spider and all) it is based on the flic-flac spider, which is a very real critter that lives in the Sahara. It dodges danger by doing cartwheels and flips, which is what this robot does as well. The company who created this machine marvel is German company Festo, which has a history of making robots that resemble animals, such as a kangaroo, elephant trunk, and recently robotic flying fox.

Festo’s version of the spider has eight legs which are in turn controlled by 15 motors within the knee joints and body, which allows it to somersault with its whole body by tucking in six of its legs and using the last two to propel itself. It mightn’t move terribly fast, but you got to admit it’s good at what it does, and it even carries on after falling off a table.

Check it out below:

Pretty cool right?

It’s not too unlike Boston Dynamic’s SpotMini either, as these robots don’t exist to just look cool but to test out navigating complex situations, like walking over rubble or perhaps opening a door. As for exactly what sort of applications a flipping spider would have, we’ll just have to see, but let’s just hope they don’t start sticking bombs to these things to kill us in our sleep.

Source: The Verge

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