Thought it was just you? Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Are Down After Google’s Outage Yesterday

What would you do if your favourite app is down? You switch to the next best thing. If you are unlucky, you may even find all of your top apps are down for the past 24 hours (Mar 13-14).

Yes, the “appocalpyse” is real for top social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. While users could still open up the apps but many of the functions are not working, The Verge reported.

Instagram outage on March 14, 2019. Source: Daily Voice

Facebook Inc’s outage does not affect everyone and those who face the problem would probably just brush it off as the malfunctions could be as simple as not registering your likes, comments and shares. Some would even not notice the problem if they are too quick with their thumb.

Other more apparent and consequential outages are not loading new feeds, unable to post content on all Facebook products, denied to access service on Messenger and WhatsApp, and among others, CNBC reported.

Facebook realized its outage and took to competitor site Twitter to confirm the matter. In a later tweet, Facebook confirmed that it is not a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack, an attack where hackers overwhelm a site by flooding it with fake traffic.

Facebook Inc’s shares did not see any significant changes after the outages swamped users all over the world.

Earlier in Paraguay, India, Bangladesh, Argentina and more, WhatsApp was down and users there faced issues of sending messages out. DownDetector, a go-to site where users report problems of websites and apps, found that people in Brazil suffered the most severe outage.

Facebook login error on March 13, 2019. Source: Forbes

FeedMe Malaysia faced similar problems on both Facebook and Instagram where the feeds could not load new content, outgoing comments on Facebook and Instagram messages failed to deliver, and could not log back in once we logged out. The Verge noted similar problems and reported that some users who login apps with Facebook, such as Spotify and Tinder, were unable to enter the said platforms.

Even Facebook’s virtual reality platform Oculus suffered outages. One user told The Verge that, “Nobody can log in to any multiplayer games purchased through the Oculus store. They also can’t access their Oculus Home environments.”

CNBC reported that Downdetector listed 0 problems as of 5am Malaysia time. But a quick look on the site, it saw Kuching and Kuala Lumpur are marked with yellow-orange patches, signifying sizeable outage, while Singapore saw a red patch covering the entirety of the island nation.

The current reported outage cases stand at 416 (as of 12pm, Mar 14) but the peak was as high as 12,211 reported cases only a few hours ago.

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