Thugs Posing as Movers Threaten Lady for RM900 After Luring Her With RM150 Cheap Fee to Transport Furniture

Here’s a story of the tricksters that had been given a dose of his own medicine.

Last Thursday (Sept 27), Facebook user Rebecca Lee took to Kuala Lumpur community group on Facebook to warn about a scam she encountered recently. She was at the brink of losing her furniture or paying RM900 as ransom but how her quick-thinking had saved her out of the situation.

Source: Facebook

Lee related that she was moving and it was her first time renting a lorry to relocate her furniture to her new place. She called a few numbers from the posters found in her condominium vicinity to survey for the price.

She learned the prices ranged from RM150 to RM200, thus she settled with a service priced at RM150, thinking that it was affordable. But here’s where the nightmare came.

When the two young movers arrive at her house, the duo helped Lee to move her few pieces of furniture to the truck with breeze under 30 minutes. The lorry went ahead first to Lee’s new place as she turned back to lock the doors.

Source: Facebook

Then, there came a threat call. Lee answered it and learned that the boss of the two young men was on the phone.

Lee related, “The boss who offered the price at RM150 said that it would take RM900 to deliver things back to her.

“If there was no payment, it’s guaranteed that the things would never be found again. And he added that he was not afraid of the police because there was no evidence that he initially offered RM150.”

Source: Facebook

Calmly, Lee agreed lyingly but told the man she needed some time to ask around for the money. After hanging up, Lee made a stress call to the police.

The police arrived at Lee’s new place after 20 minutes and it was also when the crook called her again. She told him that she had just arrived at the location and asked him to bring up her belonging.

Source: Facebook

“Once the lorry arrived, the police arrested them,” Lee wrote, “The lorry didn’t have road tax and one of the young Indians was a wanted man!”

Before getting into the police car, the two were even asked to finish their job and moved Lee’s furniture out from the truck. That is a slap to their face! 

Lee hoped that her encounter could be a lesson to the public as not everyone has had the experience of hiring a rental lorry. In just three days, the post went viral with over 5,500 shares and netizens were equally shocked, amazed and entertained by the turn of event.

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