Tinder Sex Turns Robbery: Naked College Girl Seduces Then Robs Him in PJ

He thought it was a lucky night for him but who knew his Tinder swipe came with a deadly twist.

Victim Foong Wei Chieh connected with 24-year-old Mizan Qistina on the dating app Tinder and the latter offered the 34-year-old man to her condominium to have sex, according to the charge sheet as reported by The Star.

Foong drove himself to the college girl’s place at Cova Suites, Jalan Teknologi, Kota Damansara, at 9.30pm on Nov 24, 2016. He parked his car below the building and left his wallet in the car.

Tinder is an online dating app where two matching users would connect to chat if they both ‘liked’ each other. Source: Gifer

Cova Suites, Kota Damansara. Source: Leena Property

Knocked on her door, Foong found Mizan was already naked. Soon after, Mizan’s ex-boyfriend entered the house and a fight ensued. The duo robbed Foong at knifepoint which led to Mizan taking the car key from Foong to retrieve his wallet.

RM1,500 was withdrawn from Foong’s ATM card and his iPhone 6S was also snatched, Kosmo and NST reported. Mizan was 21-year-old when she committed the crime and her ex-boyfriend is still at large.

Source: Kosmo

Yesterday (Jan 31), Sessions Court judge Mohammed Mokhzani Mokhtar sentenced Mizan to six years in jail under Section 397 of the Penal Code in relation to robbery when armed or with attempt to cause death or grievous hurt. It carries a punishment of not more than 20 years of imprisonment and whipping.

The judge meted out the sentence saying that the prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt. Her lawyer, Norhasham Hasan, begged for leniency earlier as he contended that Mizan was young and it was her first offence.

Source: NST

“My client was influenced by her ex-boyfriend. She needs to support her family, as her father is no longer working,” Norhasham told the judge.

In response, Deputy public prosecutor Asyhraf Ashyari Kamaruzaman disputed and asked for a heavier punishment as Mizan had thoroughly planned the crime and used a dangerous weapon.

As of now, Mizan is released on bail as her lawyer has filed for an appeal against the sentence. The judge allowed the application for a stay of execution and set the bail at RM7,000.

You can watch the video footage of Mizan in the court compound on the next page.

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