Transwoman Goes Naked in Bukit Bintang and 7 Other Bizarre Indecent Exposure Incidents in M’sia

In the busy street of Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur yesterday (Mar 13), a transwoman was filmed dancing and walking under the blazing sun.

Videos and photos of the incident are widely circulated on WhatsApp and social media. In the footage, the transwoman was seen lying on the tarmac, walking on top of a car as she danced without a care in the world.

Source: YouTube

According to NST, the transwoman ruffled up the traffic at Jalan Imbi at about 11.15am. She is believed to be a Philippines national and the police had arrested the person.

Source: The Star

Dang Wangi district police deputy chief Supt Rudy Abdullah said, “Based on the information we received, the transwoman reportedly had mental issues.

“The suspect was sent to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) for treatment.”

Malaysia is no stranger to bizarre public nudity as locals and foreigners alike have often taken the headlines by storm on this. In light of the recent indecent exposure, here are seven other shocking and, at times, hilarious incidents that had happened in the country:

1. Petaling Street Stripper

Source: YouTube

Initially thought to be an Iranian, 32-year-old Sabahan, Persana Avril Sollunda, was filmed stripping herself when she was confronted by a stall owner who claimed that Sollunda did not pay for her meal.

In the video, she said that she had “already left the money on the table” but the owner denied as the latter held on tight to her hands. When the owner let go of her hands off, Sollunda started stripping, tossing her blazer, blouse and bra all around.

Source: YouTube

It was later found that Sollunda was tested positive for methamphetamine. She served her jail term for less than a year and was eventually let off on a two-year RM4,000 good behaviour bond, NST reported.

Source: NST

The ex-model and television host had to report to the nearest police station once a month where she would be subjected to urine tests. If she violated the good behaviour bond, she would be sentenced back to jail for three months, fine or both.

2. “They put the ‘bang’ in Bangsar”

Source: Facebook

The infamous balcony sex in a highrise residence in Bangsar South was a hot topic back in May 2015.

In a video surfaced online, the 30-minute sex was filmed by a tenant opposite the building and it sparked heated debates online bashing both the person who took the video as well as the couple who had sex on the balcony.

A cleaner working in the residence said exhibitionistic sex was not uncommon in the area as there were many foreigners and expatriates staying there, The Star reported.

The cleaner who worked there for over a year said that couples often had sex in the pool of the apartment during weekends and late hours.

“They are always doing it out in the open and for everyone to see.

“It’s gross because I have to clean it up later,” she said.

Malay Mail reported that the man in the video had been identified as a foreigner in his 30s. He rented the apartment to stay with his partner. The police were also looking for the person who filmed the video.

3. Riding naked in Teluk Intan

Source: Malay Mail

In Perak, we once witnessed a man cruising slowly on his motorcycle on Jalan Pasar, Teluk Intan on Jan 7, 2018, Malay Mail reported. After the police detained him, it is found that the man was mentally unsound and he was sent to a hospital for treatment.

Source: Facebook

Hilir Perak OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Marzhuki Mohd Mokhtar said there was no police report lodged against the man but the police eventually found the man at about 6pm. The naked man walked to the approaching police as if it was nothing.

4. A romantic skinny dip in a fountain

One of the most recent cases happened in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah early this year. FeedMe Malaysia covered the issue when the photo went viral on social media.

In it, the couple was seen to be in a tight embrace as they skinny-dipped in a famous water fountain in Gaya Street.

Their clothes were placed on a bench nearby and they seemed to be looking far ahead, probably declaring their undying love they have for each other. Although the members of the public did not lodge a report against the incident, the police pledged to investigate the case and identify the couple. Since then, there was no new update.

Source: NST

In March 2018, a man in swimming trunks was seen dipping in the same water fountain as well.

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