Tribal Chief Admits Received Cash from BN Before GE14, RM30 to RM1,000 for Villagers

The DAP candidate for Cameron Highlands M. Manogaran filed an election petition against Barisan Nasional candidate Datuk C. Sivarraajh on June 4 after he learned that BN had bought votes during the 14th General Election. Manogaran is seeking to nullify the election results of Sivarraajh and Jelai assemblyman Datuk Seri Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail who the latter currently serves as the Pahang Menteri Besar.

According to FMT, an orang asli village head had admitted to the High Court yesterday (Sept 5) for receiving RM300 from the two aforementioned BN members. Harun Siden, who is from the Semai tribe, said a total of RM2,100 were distributed to six other village chiefs on May 6.

Source: The Star

Testifying in the court, the 42-year-old headman said Sivarraajh and Rosdy came to his village to campaign in a helicopter.

“I remember the Cameron Highland candidate (Sivarraajh) told me and my fellow Tok Batins that he was a young candidate and was willing to work for the Orang Asli,” said Harun.

The Star reported that after Harun received the money, he saw the duo handed over RM9,300 to a man called Ahchah who would pass it to a headman called Yok Ek.

A group of orang asli walking to the courtroom for the hearing of the election petition. Source: The Star

“The money was to be distributed to voters in Kampung Tual A and B. Each voter received RM50 attached with a receipt stating the recipient’s name, voting centre and Barisan logo. The money was given to voters in the two villages on May 8, a day before polling,” he said.

He said Rosdy told the village chiefs to vote for BN:  “his exact words to us were ‘makan BN, tidur BN, dan mimpi BN’ (eat BN, sleep BN, and dreams BN).” The statement drew laughter from the public gallery.

Harun claimed that the duo had met with nine village chiefs and each orang asli electorate received RM30 to RM1,000 of distribution. In FMT’s report, Harun said the payment (RM50) was given in “dacing” envelopes one day before the polling day.

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