Trivia About Najib’s Arrest: Car Number, 3-Year Anniversary of RM2.6 Billion Exposé…

We are not quite sure if dates and Wednesdays are the government’s new favourite mediums to place their political easter eggs but based on the current records, it seems like it.

Article title: PKR and UMNO Members Slam Police’s “Ungodly Hour” Raid at Najib’s House

FeedMe Malaysia previously pointed out that ousted Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Razak was raided in wee hours in the morning exactly a week after 14th General Election. The raid was conducted at midnight until 4am in the morning, just like GE14’s results were announced at 4am on the night past Wednesday. Fast forward to last Wednesday (Jun 27), it was when the police revealed that the total market value of the seized items out of six premises related to Najib amounts up to RM1.1 billion.

Source: NST

With that context in mind, Najib is arrested today (Jul 3) and he’s slated to be charged tomorrow which is − you guessed it − a Wednesday! That is exactly eight weeks after May 9, or in other words, exactly two months.

If that is not enough, Malaysiakini also noted that July 3 is the three-year anniversary of the wake of Sarawak Report and The Wall Street Journal first public exposé of 1MDB scandal to the world. We like to think it’s just coincidence because after all, it doesn’t have any correlation with the plate number of the car used to ferry arrested Najib from his private residence in Langgak Duta. Or is it…

Source: NST

The car plate is 2469, two stands for exactly two months after GE14, four stands for 4am election results and 4am raid, six stands for six premises related to Najib were raided and nine stands for Najib’s downfall on May 9 but many Malaysians’ cloud 9 euphoria. Okay, we get it. We are really stressing it. But non-Muslims know what to do tomorrow lah… 

NST reported Najib arrived at MACC’s headquarters in a red Proton Inspira and he was arrested at his home at 2.35pm. He is expected to be remanded overnight today.

Today’s arrest marks 20 days before Najib’s birthday which falls on July 23. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s birthday is around the corner on July 10.

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