Two Near-Death Escalator Incidents in China, Leaving Toddler’s Arm Almost Ripped Off

Source: cbsnews

The incident of a mother pushing her child to safety but got herself devoured by an escalator had shocked the world immensely in 2015. Since then, “escalator epidemic,” a term coined by Shanghaiist, had been making its ways to China national news with more and more incidents being reported, creating a wave of terrors whenever Chinese used their local escalators.

After the phenomenon had tapered off, China is yet again to be hit by the “epidemic” last weekend with two narrow escape from death escalator incidents. In an unnamed supermarket in Xuancheng city, Daily Mail reported a father and son almost fell under the metal panels of the moving stairs moment after they stepped off the platform. If the duo was late by a second or a step slower, we would have seen the 2015 incident reoccurred. Thankfully, it didn’t! 

Source: Shanghaiist

No holding his son’s hand, the father looked back to the escalator after he ascended off the upward escalator. The metal panels piled up to a mess within seconds and one the plates even broke into two due to the overwhelming grinding force generated from the machine. A store worker was seen rushing to the machine to hit the stop button and repair service crews were alerted. No one was injured in the incident which happened in Anhui province, around 8pm on Saturday (Jul 28).

Source: Daily Mail

According to Beijing Newsthe maintenance staff revealed that a key was stuck in the escalator’s guide rail which led to the malfunction.

However, the incident in Yongzhou city the next day was not so lucky. Shanghaiist reported that a 1-year-old child’s right arm was caught between the gap of the balustrade skirt and the metal steps. Fortunately, the escalator was stopped almost immediately. In the 57-second video posted on Chinese news site, it showed the mother was frantically calling for help while holding on dearly to her daughter.

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