[VIDEO] Boy Peering From Sunroof of Moving Vehicle Killed After Struck by Traffic Pole

You would have thought survival instinct will always kick in and protect us from danger in the last second, but something was amiss in this child and we don’t know what.

Since Monday, a viral video has been circulating on Chinese social media platform WeChat which saw a child sticking his body out of the sunroof in a moving vehicle.

Source: btime

The video was taken by a passenger of a trailing car. In it, we could hear the driver and the filmer laughing and joking about the boy being killed by the upcoming low clearance sign on the empty highway. It was all fun and game as they thought it would be impossible for a person to not retract in point of danger. Furthermore, he seemed to be old enough to understand the danger as he seemed like a grown-up, early teen.

“Here comes the blood-splattering moment,” one voice said with a tongue in cheek as the vehicle approached the traffic pole.

Sadly, their senseless jokes came true.

Source: btime

The child remained static and knocked straight to the metal pole in high speed. The filmer was shocked that the child didn’t actually duck in the last second. The footage saw the boy laying backwards while his lower half body still remained in the car.

According to Shanghaiist, it’s reported that the child was 13-year-old and the incident happened in expressway near Jiangxi’s Xinyu city, China, last Sunday (Oct 28). Local media confirmed that the boy was killed by the collision and it was unclear why he didn’t get back down into the car or why his parents didn’t make him do so.

The video later showed a seemingly father-figure making a call, presumably a stress call.

“The driver in front should be charged for reckless driving,” said one netizen, another added, “the people in the car behind that posted the video are not good people either, gloating over a child’s death.”

“If it is a potential security hazard, people around you have the responsibility to remind you because you might have no knowledge. However, sitting on the roof is a very dangerous behavior. Even if there is no height li

Source: btime

mit, it is easy to fall at high speed or on a curved road. It is a bit too much to blame others for reminding you of such high-risk behaviours,” one netizen commented.

It’s sad to see a young lad losing his life due to a split-second senseless act. 

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