VIDEO: Car Beats Red Light Near School, Hits and Sends Small Kid Flying at Zebra Crossing

Running a red light is a grievous offence… and if you really have to break one, don’t break it around a school vicinity especially during after-school hour!

Lately, Malaysian netizens were met with horror after witnessing a viral CCTV footage that captured an MPV vehicle rammed into a year-one student.

Footage extracted from video. Source: Facebook

In the 23-second video, it saw the girl ran ahead of her mother once the pedestrian light turned green and the speeding car knocked her, sending her flying 5-metre forward. The split moment had stunned parents and students around. Before the worried mother could reach her, the girl was already trying to stand back up. The mother held her across the road.

According to The Star, the incident happened outside of SJK(C) Kwang Hwa in Sungai Nibong, Penang, on Tuesday (Sept 4). The girl suffered minor injuries on her knees and below her jaw, it’s reported that she returned to school the next day after a medical check-up.

Source: Facebook

The mother had lodged a police report of the incident. The northeast district police chief Asst Comm Che Zaimani Che Awang had confirmed the report and said an investigation was carried out.

The daily reported that the same road had a similar incident which saw a mother hit by a motorcycle. Happened in September last year, the mother survived the crash and was able to walk herself to the other side of the road. Motorists there are clearly not following the rule!

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