Video: M’sian Man Cuts LV Bag in Front of Staff After Allegedly Being Looked Down

Nobody likes to be discriminated especially being a paying customer at an establishment. However, it seems like some Louis Vuitton employees think it was okay to give judgy eyes and let their prejudice take over them when serving customers.

A video showing a man cutting a LV bag in the French luxury fashion outlet has gone viral on social media. The incident is said to have happened on Monday (Feb 25) and it is believed to be in the KLCC’s outlet.

In the 24-second video, a man donned in a blue shirt was seen cutting a classic design LV bag with a pair of scissors. The video was shared by Ismail Ariffin who said that his friend, Zainal Abidin, saw the staff gave him a judgy look which led to Zainal thinking the staff was treating them unfairly.

Ismail said Zainal brought him to the luxury fashion store to purchase a LV bag. At first, Ismail said he did not notice that he was getting a dirty look from the staff until his buddy Zainal realized it and stood up for him.

Source: Focus. Cari

Ismail was seen dressing in Reggae style with long dreadlocks, covered in two layers of comfortable shirts and in green pants, while Zainal was in short pants topped with a black mountain hat.

Zainal was also carrying a carrying a camouflage LV bag which he flaunted proudly on his Facebook after the incident, stating that a pre-owned “Takashi Murakami Camouflage Speedy 35 bag” costs US$7,150 (RM29,089) as if to prove that his wealth is not to mess with.

In the comment section of the video, Zainal related how the incident happened. He said he brought the bag to the outlet which he bought three days with the intention to get it engraved. But the staff told him it could not be done as they were afraid it might ruin the bag.

“Soon, the (certain race) manager walked towards me, saw my face as a poor Malay (malayu daif papa kedana).

“I was pissed with his expression, you can’t treat me and my friend like some monkeys!” Zainal wrote in the comments.

He said he was sorry but he would not put up with the discriminatory treatment and how the staff had shamed Ismail.

“We as Malays being looked down in our own country and being treated like a bangsat,” he said, adding that he would also not let his fellow Malay being treated like dogs.

Upon seeing the manager’s face, Zainal asked the staff to bring him a pair of scissors which he then cut the bag right in front of the staff. It is not about the money. It is about sending a message. 

Since the video was uploaded two days ago (Feb 25), it has gained almost one million views and more than 2,000 shares on Facebook. Some netizens praised Zainal actions while some said his reaction was no difference with the LV staff.

One netizen commented,” Well done brother. They should treat customers equally.”

“Sometimes, these staffs who work for branded or big companies like these will look down upon people,” another wrote.

One Facebook user said, “He will regret cutting the bag with thousands over Ringgit fly away just like that.”

Some netizens also shared their experiences, saying that they usually go shopping donned in simple clothing which the employees would deem them as “poor people” and would not even greet them when entering.

Other netizens leave messages to the LV staff, asking: “Can your salary afford to buy a LV bag?”

“It is not your own LV bags, but pretend as if you are very rich!”

A few netizens addressed Zainal with a “Dato” honourific and one netizen claimed that she had served Zainal before.

“I’ve attended Dato Zainal as a customer before. He is extremely humble and generous. When he came to our outlet, he would bring us a lot of kuihs and cakes for me to enjoy with my colleagues,” said a female Facebook user.

You can watch the full video on the next page.

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