Video Shows Dog Gets Dragged on Road By Father Who Wanted to Abandon It in Taiping

In the aftermath of mass anti-rabies vaccinations in Taiping last month which arose after some residents were bitten by dogs who later got put down, a dog owner there had done yet another cruel thing to our man’s best friend.

A video of a dog being dragged on supposedly Jalan Kota has been making rounds on social media. In the 42-second footage, a golden mid-sized canine was seen dangling from a pickup truck. The bottom of the dog was in contact with the tarmac road and it was writhing its legs throughout the video.

Source: Facebook

According to The Staracting Taiping OCPD Superintendent Razlan Abdul Hamid said the incident happened on Sunday (Feb 10) night and the police received a report at 3.35pm yesterday (Feb 11).

Harian Metro reported the police were able to arrest the driver of the pickup truck after identifying the car plate from the video. Through the investigation, it is revealed that it was the car owner’s father that was driving the Isuzu D-Max during the incident.

Source: Facebook

Supt Razlan said, “We have also taken statements from the vehicle owner, who said that his 58-year-old father was the one behind the wheel during the incident.

“The man had allegedly wanted to abandon the dog because it was always biting the wiring at his house.”

The city police chief said the dog has been under the man’s care since it was one-year-old. And he still had the heart to abandon it?! 

“The man claimed he was not aware that the dog, which had been placed in the back of the vehicle, had fallen off and was being dragged,” Supt Razlan added.

The case is currently investigated under Section 44 (1)(a) of the Animals Act for animal cruelty. If convicted, the offender could face up to six months imprisonment, RM200 fine, or both.

Source: NST

In the past few months, many residents of Taiping were afraid of dogs after the authorities declared the town as a rabies-infected area in January, NST reported.

Veterinary Services Department (DVS) director-general Datuk Dr Quaza Nizamuddin Hassan Nizam said yesterday (Feb 11) that a total of 4,444 dogs have been vaccinated around the sub-districts of Taiping and Bukit Gantang.

Malay Mail reported him as saying that about 677 dogs and eight cats were put down since Jan 14 and there were 71 dog-bite cases and 23 cat-bite cases as of today.

“Out of 112 samples taken from the dog’ brains only four was tested positive for rabies. No new cases of rabies reported so far,” Dr Quaza said.

You can watch the full video next page. 

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