Video Shows Safety Rope Unhooked After Tourist Crosses Terrifying Gap Bridge is Just “Marketing Gimmick”…?

The most viral video this week had to be this thirteen-second clip which saw a tourist leaping across a gap bridge effortlessly to the other side only to realize his safety zipline was unhooked in the end.

Source: Weibo

The thrilling activity didn’t have a safety net below the 150-metre tall bridge. The man appeared smiling throughout the video even after he realized he wasn’t securely attached to the zipline.

Source: Weibo

The shocking footage had stunned netizens and it had gone massively viral on Weibo and Facebook since Monday. This post by 9GAG had racked over 1.7 million views; “Made in China” was the top comment and it gathered some laughter.

Troubled by the footage that didn’t provide any context, FeedMe Malaysia found out on China social media that the video was purportedly made to be a marketing ploy. We dug deeper and found news site EastDay reported similarly.

“The reporter learned from the media department of the Wansheng Economic Development Zone that the video was actually taken for spectacle purposes and it was meant to be a marketing gimmick of the scenic spot,” the China daily reported.

It’s said that the incident happened in Wansheng Ordovician theme park on October 1. The theme park was known for many high-altitude and adrenaline-pumping activities such as the one we saw above, the Extreme Leap. Visitors could also dangle 300-metre in the air on a cliff swing, or walk on a glass-bottomed bridge that extends 80-metre out of the mountains.

Source: youtube

The Star, reported by South China Morning Post, also covered the story. The report didn’t mention that the video was a “marketing gimmick” but stated that the authorities at the Wansheng Economic and Technological Development Zone had carried out an investigation into the theme park. If found to have any major safety hazard, the park management would face a 10,000 yuan (RM6,000) fine.

SCMP indicated that theme parks in China had seen a wave of safety scandals in recent time but Wansheng Ordovician Theme Park had yet to receive any reported incidents. The theme park could attract up to several thousands of visitors a day during peak season and it’s reported that it’s still open to the public even after the video had gone viral.

“It’s not marketing – it’s true. The [authorities at this] scenic area just want to hide the facts. The video is so clear – the safety cord really broke off. You must not go, you’d be risking your life,” said one netizen, as quoted by NextShark.

“If someone had died in the video, what would they call it then?” questioned another.

“This marketing tactic only successfully demonstrates that the activity is far too dangerous.”

“If it’s a marketing ploy, I hope it closes down soon.”

What are your thoughts on this? Would you still visit the park? Let us know in the comments below. 

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