Video Shows Uncles Using Long Spatula to Lou Sang, Netizens Angry Calling It Wasting Food

Lou Sang, Yu Sang or Prosperity Toss, is a must-have dish during Chinese New Year as it signifies abundance and prosperity.

It is a tradition invented in Seremban by a caterer called Loke Ching Fatt who wanted the dish to lift diners’ mood up after World War II. Today, it is mainly practised by Malaysians, Singaporeans and Indonesians and the Cantonese-style raw fish salad is meant to toss up high with chopsticks together with the family.

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There are many beliefs surrounding the dish. Some believe if one tossed the salad higher while mixing, the year would see a steeper improvement. While others believe the more mess one made when tossing, the more prosperous the year would be because there would be a lot of “remainder” (余 or Yu)− a homophone for “abundance” in Mandarin.

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Many would agree to both beliefs because, as Asians, it is okay to practise harmless superstitions as long as it brings good omen.

Therefore, to do that, a group of middle age friends decided to amp up the ceremony of Lou Sang by mixing the dish with a metre-long spatula.

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In a one-minute viral video, a group of businessmen-looking friends gathered at a large table. FeedMe Malaysia counted at least 20 men were at the table. Yeah, uncle boleh!

The group held up the red-handled spatula and began to toss the Lou Sang on the round table, creating a delicious mess.


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Netizens found the video amusing and it became an insane hit on social media. Many shared and tagged their loved ones in the post. Even radio station Melody FM shared it on their Facebook and gathered a peal of laughter.

But some were not a fan of it. They said that the act was prodigal and disrespect food.

“Such a waste and not ‘respect’ to the food at all 😒,” said a netizen, another added “Stupid. Food is for you to eat. Not for you to play.”

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“Will that make you HUAT (prosperous)? I don’t agree with this. This is wasting food.”

“Don’t like this way. No table manners.”

“Be so extra just to eat something! They are treating food like dross. When you don’t have to eat one day, go to the side of the road to beg!”

Sounds right. Some netizens said the spatulas look like a shovel and the act is like digging their own grave. While a netizen quipped that it could be digging for golds instead.

The comment sections were flooded with such comments, many asked the group if they finished the food.

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One netizen tried to give another perspective. She said since the Chinese are very particular when it comes to the name of a dish or act, tossing Lou Sang with a spatula does not bring good fortune because the spatula is called “wok chan” in Cantonese − two negative sounding words in the language.

You can watch the video on the next page.

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