[VIRAL] Grab Driver Gave Creepy Ghost A Ride; Money She Paid Turned into Leaves

Here’s a story that will send a chill down your spine and spook you forever. You can never think of Grab rides in the same way again…

It all started when a Grab driver was picking up a woman near Pasar Gunung Rapat, Ipoh at 7pm and her requested destination was Jalan Hoover. Huuu…

The driver who only wanted to be known as Zed told his wife that after he dropped off the passenger, he realized the money he received from the woman turned to dried leaves and swore that they were eight notes of RM1 when he got them.

Upon learning the details of the story, his wife Farah took to Twitter to share the story which had gone viral with over 15,000 retweets. mStar reached out to Farah for more of the story and here’s what she said:

“(Zed) picked up the passenger about 7pm and coincidentally near the area was our house and it was supposed to be the last trip, so he accepted the passenger’s request.

“He then dropped off the passenger at about 7.10pm. The woman gave him the fare which cost RM8 in eight RM1’s and my husband then kept the money in his wallet.

“However, as he would usually transfer the money to another pouch after dropping off the passenger. When he opened his wallet, he saw leaves in it.”

“My husband thought it was weird because there were eight dried leaves in his wallet. He then threw them away.”

Source: Twitter

Farah said Zed massaged her about the incident right after it but she didn’t think much of it as he often liked to joke around. When she heard it from Zed at home later, she gasped in horror, deducing that the mysterious woman was a ghost.

In retrospect, Farah said her husband felt that the woman was peculiar as she would laugh at anything.

“(Zed) also was not feeling good about it because he said the woman acted strangely. He said the woman loved to laugh. She gave out a spooky cry of laughter every now and then. When he hit a pothole, she would also laugh.”

Source: Twitter

On Twitter, she said the woman was probably Indonesian based on the way she spoke and upon checking the Grab profile as requested by netizens, the woman display name was “Indacasto.” Farah told mStar that she believed her husband was possessed.

“There are others who said the woman might have been a ghost. This is because even ghosts use money in the supernatural world to make any payment.

“But I would prefer to come to a conclusion that the woman is a real human being and she practised the art of money hypnotising. I think that is more logical.” We want to believe this too! 

For illustration only. Source: Daily Mail

Farah continued that it wasn’t her husband first time facing such a supernatural incident. There was once Zed was tasked to send an old lady across a cemetery and the grandma was already gone when he arrived to the destination.

“The first incident was when my husband was using Uber last year. The passenger was about the age of an old grandmother. My husband did not think of anything uncanny about it. He drove as usual and had to pass a graveyard. When he arrived at the place his GPS kept telling him to turn left into the graveyard.

“My husband did not follow the GPS. He asked the grandmother if he should continue going straight and the grandmother had told him to keep going forward. The destination was slightly in front of the graveyard, an open area. When my husband looked back to tell the grandmother that they had arrived, he saw no one sitting behind. (He) did not even hear the sound of the doors closing.

“In that trip, fortunately my husband did not make any losses because the grandmother was using a Uber promotion code.”

For illustration only. Source: NST

On another occasion, Farah said her husband also once bumped into a motorcyclist and when the rider turned back to look at Zed, he had no face.

“This incident was the most frightening. It happened last year as well about 11pm when my husband was on the way home from meeting a client. He stopped at a junction where a motorcyclist had also stopped.

“The motorcyclist looked at my husband’s face, and he too looked back to find the motorcyclist did not have a face. He suffered from fever (after that).

“It was fortunate that my mother-in-law’s house was nearby. So, my husband bathed at his mother’s house first as we have a child at home. He was worried ‘the thing’ would follow him home.”

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