[Viral] M’sian Lady’s Instagram Gets Banned After Posting Brief ‘Toy Story 4’ Footage on IG Story

Want to share your excitement of watching a movie at the cinema? Better not post footage of it on your Instagram Story because this Malaysian lady did that and totally regretted her action.

On Friday (Jun 28), netizen Yying Blings took to Facebook to share her plight after her Instagram account was barred.

Courtesy of Yying Blings.

On the post with 6,000 shares, Ying warned fellow netizens not to commit the same mistake as her for posting footage of Toy Story 4.

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“I would like to warn everybody not to be as silly as me for filming Instagram Story in the cinema or else your account will be blocked,” Ying wrote on the post which has now been removed.

She said she was dumbstruck by the ban as she only filmed a few seconds of the big screen.

“Next morning, I received an email from Disney, stating that I have infringed their copyright.

“I felt like banging the wall,” Ying lamented.

Courtesy of Yying Blings.

Her experience was even reported by NTV7 and Astro AEC news channels. She had to remove her Facebook post because it was getting “too crazy.”

In the email screenshots Ying shared with FeedMe Malaysia, it is revealed that Ying posted the IG Story at 9.35pm, Friday. It said Ying had infringed the intellectual property of Disney Enterprises Inc.

Courtesy of Yying Blings.

Instagram wrote to her that a “third party” had filed a notice against her IG Story and a second email stated that her account is banned for three days.

“You’ve been temporarily blocked from posting on Instagram because you posted something that infringed someone else’s intellectual property rights,” Instagram wrote.

The social media company warned Ying that should she continue to violate the law, her account will be permanently banned.

Speaking to FeedMe Malaysia, Ying said she was both upset and afraid by the experience, adding that she regretted her action but would not blame Instagram as she knew it was her fault.

She could not access Instagram now and her ban would only be lifted tomorrow (Jul 1). She revealed that she made a #ToyStory4 hashtag on her post but upon inspecting, other Instagrammers’ Stories were still up and did not face the same consequence as her.

Source: Instagram

“I was very unlucky.

“I hope my experience can let more people know that it is wrong to post cinema footage on InstaStory,” Ying told FeedMe Malaysia.

Remember, folks. Do not film in the cinema even if it is just a few seconds for your Instagram Story.

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