[VIRAL] Netizen Warns Muslims Who Drink Non-Halal Bubble Tea Like Xing Fu Tang Will Go to Hell

The bubble tea industry is growing bigger every day in every part of the world as long as there is a Chinese community there.

Invented in Taichung, Taiwan during the 80s, the sugary milk tea with tapioca pearls have invaded countries like Hong Kong, China, Japan, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia and many more, in the past decade.

This time, a Malaysian netizen is concerned about the new wave of Bubble Tea frenzy that has caused massive traffic congestion in SS15, Subang Jaya.

Writing on a post which has gone viral with over 6,000 shares, Siti Mariam Zainon asked if the famous boba drinks in SS15, Xing Fu Tang and The Alley, are halal and advised her fellow Muslims not to follow the trend blindly as they might put themselves at risk of going to hell.

“Is Xing Fu Tang and The Alley halal?

“I am asking because Siti Mariam (SM) wanted to drink too,” wrote the Facebook user who stated on her profile that she runs a food business.

Siti said that because she was hesitant, she started to investigate the stores’ halal standard. She found that The Alley is amidst the process of getting certified by JAKIM (Department of Islamic Development Malaysia) while Xing Fu Tang is not.

She claimed that many netizens asked Xing Fu Tang Malaysia if its drinks are halal but the franchisee refused to respond.

“The drinks are in Chinese names, the whole shop is stamped with Chinese words.

“Just because artistes are drinking it, Instafames are drinking it or other fellow Malays are drinking it, we also drink it without knowing if the bubble tea is halal.”

Source: Coconuts

She explained that a non-halal drink does not necessarily need to contain pork or lard ingredient, it could be due to a handful of external factors.

Siti then listed out five consequences if Muslims consume non-halal food:

1) Prayer will not be fulfilled
2) It will ruin the heart and mind
3) It is an unacceptable practice
4) Bring yourself to hell
5) Curse the descent of your bloodline

“This is what I know. Sometimes, when I go to the convenient store, my son will take chocolate bars without my notice. And when I found out later at home, I would not let him eat it because the chocolate is haram. It has not been paid yet.

“I am willing to turn back to the store to pay it. If the store is too far away, I will throw the chocolate away and not let my child eat it,” Siti related her commitment to living a halal life.

She ended the post by asking netizens to be wary of non-halal food. She also told her followers to notify her once the bubble tea is certified halal.

Source: Sixthseal

The viral post has gathered a lot of support among all Malaysians but some are confused about how a bubble tea could be non-halal.

“Bubbles tea = tea +milk + tapioca ball. 🤔 Which aspect of a bubble tea is not halal? Ingredients? People preparing? Brand?” a netizen asked, to which is answered by another, “(it could be the) 1. people who are preparing, 2. cross contamination, 3. utensils, 4. ingredients supplier (if other manufacturers are also halal certified) 5. and among other factors.

“There are a lot of factors that dictate if a product is halal or not, which explains why the application process often takes a long time.”

Source: Travel360

On the other hand, a netizen is grateful for Siti’s advice as the viral post may deter a big crowd away.

“Your post will help the shops reduce many Malay customers but I’m okay with that because it can give more parking lots for Chinese and Indian. Thanks for your kind heart and wish you have a nice day 🙏🏻🙏🏻.”

After the post has gone viral, some netizens have, in return, asked if Siti’s business is certified halal.

Siti complained about the intrusive comment made by the netizen but some netizens have defended the unwelcome query.

“You started questioning other’s food and drink for its halal standard, that’s why people will come and ask,” a netizen wrote.

Meanwhile, Xing Fu Tang has just opened a new store and it is located in Sunway Pyramid.

Starbucks Malaysia has also just released its own version of “Bubble Tea” as part of its limited edition summer drinks.

You can check out Siti’s full post on the next page.

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