Watch Child Tearfully Admits to Mom on Splurging RM15 on Chicken Chops Meant for Books

Oh, our little children. Other than cats and puppies videos, children videos are the next on the list that will always have a soft spot in our heart.

This time, we have one little girl from Selangor making us go aww… In a viral one minute and two seconds video, we see a sobbing girl sitting in a car with her bag still strapped on her back.

According to mStar, the person filming the 7-year-old Nur Amira was her mother, Suzana Dayanna Ali. Suzana was mischievously interrogating her daughter on the whereabouts of the RM15 pocket money she gave.

“Tiga mangkuk apa? Adik makan berapa mangkuk?”

“Three servings of what? How many servings of food did you eat?” asked Suzana with a serious tone.

Footage extracted from the video. Source: Facebook | En Wan

“Tiga sebernanya… (inaudible)”

“Three servings actually,” admitted little Amira with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Sebernanya adik makan tiga mangkuk Chicken Chops?” 

“So actually, you ate three servings of chicken chops?” the mother continued the interrogation to which Amira said it was because the food was too delicious.

Footage extracted from the video. Source: Facebook | En Wan

“Uh, sedap sangat,” commented the girl in a ponytail.

Under pressure, little Amira added that she still had some balance and she spent it on ice-cream and noodles.

Source: KeepRecipes

“Chicken Chop itu dua, meehoon itu satu.”

“I ate two servings of chicken chops and one bowl of rice vermicelli,” Amira clarified after admitting to eating ice-cream too.

Satisfied with her little’s girl confession, Suzana let her daughter off as if to deem this stern interrogation as a lesson for Amira.

The Star reported that the video was later passed onto the father, Mohd Ridwan Alias, which was posted on his Facebook page. Mohd Ridwan said, “Amira is kind of funny, she’s like an entertainer in our family. Her brother and sister like to tease her.

“The day before she asked for money to buy a colouring book, but there was no colouring book to be found the next day.

“That’s why my wife questioned her while recording a video, then she sent it to me.”

Mohd Ridwan Alias’ children. Source: Facebook | En Wan

The 33-year-old father to the adorable child said he did not expect the viral to receive so much attention. At the time of writing, the video is viewed over 350,000 times with 3,256 shares.

Mohd Ridwan also said that the video was not meant to shame her daughter, adding that he is unfazed by some of the netizens’ criticism.

“I share the video to capture my memories. If my phone is missing, the video is still kept on Facebook and I like looking back at her videos when I feel stressed.

“We are not abusing or hitting her in the video, we like to joke around. Some people are offended by everything, if do not like it, they can continue scrolling and watch other videos.”

Amira receives RM3 every day as her pocket money. She is a year-one student in a school in Kampung Jawa, Klang. No wonder, Klang is famous for its food. We did not know it applies to school canteen’s food too! 😂

You can watch the full video next page.

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