Watch ‘Cop’ Warning: “If You Don’t Pay RM50,000, Your Brother Will Die in Lockup”

Social media have been circulating a two-minute video that shows an alleged policeman trying to extort money out of a man.

The ‘policeman’ flashed his pistol and told the man, who secretly recorded the video, that his brother will die in prison if the RM50,000 is not paid in full.

Source: Facebook

“Itu kau punya hal. Aku punya tuan sudah tanya ‘apa macam, duit balance’. Kalau tak, kamu punya adik mati dalam (lockup).”

“That’s your problem (that your brother is in jail). My boss has been asking where the balance (of the RM50,000) is,” said the ‘policeman’ who claimed that he has connections in the Kulai Narcotics Criminal Investigation Department (NCID).

“If not, your brother will die in lockup. That’s how it is,” said the purported cop.

Through the recording, it is learned that the victim had already paid to the suspect or his compliance RM30,000 and he is demanding the remaining RM20,000. The victim pleaded for the balance sum to be done away with as he does not have that amount of money.

He said he has a wife and children at home and he only works as a truck driver. The suspect then started spewing racial slurs, calling “you keling that drive lorries are all useless”.

Source: Facebook

The victim was upset over the derogatory remarks but the suspect told him to “cut the crap” as he flashed his gun tugged under his pants.

After the video has gone viral, the Johor police said they would launch an internal investigation to find the suspect, The Star reported.

Johor deputy police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Kamarudin Md Din said the suspect in the video claimed to be a senior police officer in the Kulai district.

“The video was uploaded on Facebook at 10.54am where a man is seen showing a gun to another man inside a car.

“The act has tarnished the reputation and the good name of the police especially in Johor,” said Kamarudin in a statement yesterday (Jan 29).

He urged the victim in the video to come forward to file a police report to help the investigation. He promised that stern action will be taken against the suspect regardless of his rank.

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