Watch: Dutiful Postman Barges Into a Wedding to Get Package Signed by Bride

It is like a wedding episode of a sitcom where something bizarre happens and leaves the crowd laughing at the moment, or even for years to come.

On Wednesday (Jan 23), Twitter was blessed with a viral thread that was retweeted for over 24,000 times. The post saw a beautiful bride signing for a package amidst her wedding ceremony.

Dressed in an all-white gown, the bride picked up a pen to sign the proof of delivery form while the groom watched from the side with a bouquet in his hand.

In the 30-second video, the bride gracefully smiled at the hilarious intrusion on her big day and even held up the package after as if to celebrate receiving the parcel.

The three later posed for a picture and they were all beaming.

The incident was even picked up by Malay Mail and it quoted some hilarious responses from the netizens.

Source: Malay Mail

Lazada eventually responded to the netizen’s comment by using his words and retweeted the photo. It got over 11,000 likes within three days.

Meanwhile, another netizen said it also happened to him on his wedding in November 2014. Dressed in a baby blue Baju Melayu, the groom was standing outside his house to sign a package.

Source: Twitter

He said the package was his wife wedding reception dress which he bought for her from an online tailor. The tailor delivered in time and allowed his wife to change into a more comfortable dress before heading out.

Source: Twitter

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