Watch Genting Highlands Visitors Get Stranded in Storm, Roads Turn into Raging “Teh Tarik”

It was a beautiful Sunday yesterday (Jul 14) until a storm suddenly hit Genting Highlands, stranding visitors for two hours at Genting Premium Outlets and Awana Skyway.

According to Harian Metro, a witness said the flash flood looked like “Teh Tarik”.

Source: Facebook

“It was my first time seeing a flash flood. It looked like ‘Teh Tarik’ was pouring down the road,” said the 30-year-old man who only wished to be known as Ikmal.

Videos of the scene went massively viral on social media. One Facebook post with four videos was reshared over 6,800 times.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

The rain started pouring at 3pm and stopped at 5.30pm, a witness told Berita Harian, adding that the road was back to normal at 6.30pm.

In one of the videos, a white BMW was seen slowly retreating against the pouring mud water. A couple of videos filmed by visitors from a higher ground heard some panicking as they did know what to do with the situation.

In another video, one driver was heard saying that vehicles could not get up to Genting Highlands. As he panned the camera to the back of his car, it showed a trail of cars were being stranded on the road.

Source: Facebook

When contacted, the Genting Highlands Fire and Rescue Department said they did not receive any stress call over the incident.

Thankfully everyone was safe. You can watch more videos below:

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