Watch How SPM Students Celebrate After Exam By Dancing on Bikes and Revving Loudly Outside of School

Walking out of the last exam sitting after spending five years in high school must be a great feeling. It definitely calls for a celebration but this group of students might have taken it too far.

A video has been circulating on social media in the past 24-hours which saw a big group of students gathered outside of school with their motorbikes.

Source: Facebook

The video let out thundering revving sound and a student in Baju Kurung was seen dancing on a bike accompanied by several others around her. It also saw a student biker casually cruised through the road while sitting sideways on his bike.

Besides that, the students were also seen in a petrol station where the revving continued. A student riding without a helmet was seen ferrying another student who was spraying fire extinguisher in the air.

Source: Facebook

The petrol station was clouded by the discharge and there were easily over 20 bikers gathered. The video eventually got picked up by China Press where it reported that netizens were unhappy about these students’ behaviour.

Some commenters advised them that the middle school graduation is only the beginning and there is still a long way to go while many others condemned their gathering that caused nuisances to other road users.

One netizen said that these students would one day face “exam” every single day in the working world while another quipped that they were celebrating because they didn’t need to pay PTPTN loan, hinting that the future ahead would be burdened by laden debt.

You can view the full video on the next page.

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