Watch: Local Made Song About Bubble Tea Made into 9gag & Goes Massively Viral

Bubble tea fans rejoice because you just have a new anthem to rock to!

Last week, Westlife held a two-night concert in Shah Alam and sent Malaysians back into sweet nostalgia. But the 2000s megaband’s timely visit had also reinvigorated a new iteration of “Uptown Girl” here in Malaysia.

Local TV host and singer Mark O’dea made a parody of the song and based it on the bubble tea craze that has been swooping SS15, Subang Jaya and beyond.

Calling the song “Boba Girl” where Mark sings about the love-hate relationship of having a bubble tea-obsessed girlfriend, the song was published on August 4 and it eventually got picked up by popular meme site 9gag.

Within just four days, the video was shared over 21,000 times and viewed by 2.3 million users on Facebook. On Instagram, the number of views amassed a whopping 5.4 million.

The music video was filmed in Sunway Pyramid, Subang Jaya and it featured Malaysian rojak language where the primarily English song also heard Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin in it.

“Finally someone made a song for me,” a netizen commented on the video.

“The song lyrics contain English, Malay, Chinese. But dance definitely inspired by Indian!” another netizen said, tongue in cheek.

“This should be Taiwan’s new national anthem,” one added, referring to the fact that bubble tea originated from Taichung, Taiwan.

You can watch the video on Mark O’Dea’s page or YouTube here:

Do you love the song? We absolutely love how Mark calls her “Boba Girl” zhen zu girl, a Chinese word for pearl which could also mean the precious one.

Let us know your thoughts of the song in the comments below.

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