Watch: Mamak Staff Blows Air and Saliva into Papadum Bags, Enrages Netizens

Do you like your papadum crispy and crunchy? We bet you do. But make sure you know how your local mamak store prepares it because the way this store prepares it will make you feel disgusted.

A video has been widely circulating on Facebook which saw a mamak staff’s unhygienic practice. He picked up papadums with his bare hand to put into them into a plastic bag. Then, he blew some air, liplock with the plastic bag, into it before securing with a rubber band.

The employee with a white songkok did it three times in the 1 minute and 50 seconds video. Every time he blew air into the bags, he turned slightly to the wall as if to hide his actions from any possible onlookers.

Netizens were shocked to see the staff’s act. Many even commented that they will never want to dine in a mamak restaurant again after watching the video, let alone having to eat papadum there.

The location of the mamak restaurant remains a mystery despite the post has gone massively viral, gathering over 11,000 shares since it posted on April 26.

“He breathes in preservative, so the papadum won’t be easily damaged,” one netizen quipped.

Another also joked, “That is why papadum we fried at home does not taste good. Kena bagi ‘masuk angin’ dulu baru sedap.”

Previously, FeedMe Malaysia reported that papadum’s high sodium makes it unsafe for consumption. It also talks about the manufacturing process of papadum requires the dough to be sun-dried under the sky, which is an invitation to microorganisms growing on it. You can read it here.

You can watch the full video on the next page. 

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