Watch: Namewee Sings Passionately About Stray Dogs in New MV with Taiwan Superstar Jam Hsiao

Malaysia has been seeing a rise in dog abuse cases, whether if it is a restaurant serving dog meat, suffocating and hitting puppies in a plastic bag, chopping off a dog’s mouth for fun, being poisoned to death… The list goes on and on.

In light of this, formerly a controversial singer but now an international star, Namewee, has produced a song about stray dogs.

Over the weekend, the song, titled “The Stray”, has amassed over 800,000 views. It is a song written by Namewee, the music video was directed by himself and it features Taiwan superstar Jam Hsiao, who is known for his superior vocal cords.

Jam Hsiao is the third richest singer in 2017, only falling short to Jay Chou and Wang Leehom, Taiwan News reported.

In the four minutes song, Namewee sings about dog abandonment, euthanasia, abuse, and how the city council is not treating the canine humanely.

Namewee published a behind-the-scene video the next day where he and Hsiao talked extensively about the issue at hand.

He said Hsiao was a great pick to sing the chorus of the song because he required someone with a great voice as well as someone who is vocal about protecting the men’s best friend.

“He (Hsiao) participated in activities that help stray animals before this.

“I think his status and what he has done and also his voice made him the best candidate,” said Namewee. He then asked Hsiao why he agreed to collaborate with him on the song.

In response, Hsiao joked that it was not about the song, at least not the primary focus, but the ideology they both shared − which is to raise awareness about protecting stray dogs.

The two continued to talk about how haters on the Internet criticized Namewee, or any dog lovers, for a “sudden” public expression of sympathy for dogs whenever news reported about the canine death from abuse or extreme environment.

The duo discussed difficult topics about the stray dogs, such as “why efforts are put on stray dogs but not people in need instead?”, “who is going to be responsible for stray dogs causing a mess in the city if the authorities do not put them down?”,  “if dogs are not euthanized, who is going to take care of them?” and among others.

This is not the first time Namewee used his influence and musical talent to bring awareness to social issues. Last November, a song titled “Mingalaba” was about the unfair treatment foreign workers suffered in Malaysia.

He said he came to learn about their struggles when he was serving his prison time with some of these foreign workers.

Throughout his career, Namewee often produced controversial songs to either outwardly oppose the government of the day or suggestively accuse the politicians of corruption and racist practice.

This new song marked his second time collaborating with a Taiwan superstar. In March 2017, he produced a song where Wang Leehom sings the chorus part of his rap song “Stranger In The North”.

It is a global hit with over 155 million views on YouTube.

You can watch the behind-the-scenes of the new music video and the discussion about stray dogs here:

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