Watch: Proton Wira Crushed by Tank-Like Military Truck When Switching Lane in Seremban

The true king of the road is not a 4×4 pickup truck but a military truck. Just a split second of grazing with its massive wheels, any commercial cars would be in pieces. Do not take our word for it and see it for yourself.

In a video uploaded by Instagram user Mohd Fadzil Ibrahim on Saturday (Aug 3), the one-minute footage showed a military convoy travelling on a Seremban road near to Jalan Senawang.

An eight-wheel military truck was seen gradually switching to the first lane but it failed to see a blue Proton Wira was there.

“Dia tak nampak, dia tak nampak.”

“They did not see the vehicle,” a voice behind the camera was heard saying it twice.

About five people quickly got out from the Wira and a soldier was also seen getting out of the truck through a hatch above it.

The victims seem to be in shock as one of them was holding up his head with two hands.

Source: Twitter

An aftermath photo showed that the Wira was crushed on the left side with the metal frame of its driver door completely grazed off. The windscreen was broken, the roof of the car was dented and the passenger door had tyre marks all over it.

“Today’s lesson: do not cut in between an on-moving convoy. This armoured vehicle has many blind spots. Drive carefully in this month of independence. Military vehicles are moving around everywhere,” @abufirzanfadzil wrote on the caption.

Be extra careful, guys! It is the same that we should never drive beside trucks that are trailing each other.

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