Watch: Strong Fingers Uncle Pulls Out 7kg Gold Bar in Viral Challenge at Berjaya Times Square

Earlier this month (Jul 6), Berjaya Times Square KL launched a campaign and it attracts many challengers coming to the mall to claim a gold bar from an acrylic box.

With the prize pool that adds up to RM50,000, any challengers who can successfully pull a 7kg gold bar out of the box through a hole will get to bring home at least RM1,000. If no challengers could successfully pull off the feat, the prize money would snowball to the next day.

Since the launch, the challenge has gone massively viral on social media. Videos showing shoppers attempting the challenge have gathered over 10,000 shares on Facebook.

And yesterday (Jul 14), we witnessed the biggest winner to date − he successfully bagged RM5,000 home.

In a post shared by Stephanie Tee to a KL community Facebook group, Tee said her brother has won the challenge after pulling out the gold bar in less than 60 seconds.

Source: Facebook

Tee’s brother, who appears to be in his 40s, was seen attempting the challenge in a 36-second video. In his first try, the uncle inserted his right hand into the box and picked up the gold bar. He tried to pull it out, muscling through the 7kg of heaviness.

Hundreds of onlookers cheered for the uncle as he was about to pull it out. But he failed at the last moment.

Source: Facebook

With all his might in his third attempt, his fingers fought fiercely against the weight and successfully pulled the gold bar out.

The uncle is the fifth winner of the challenge. The previous winners all won RM1,000.

One video showing a former winner pulling off the feat was reshared over 9,300 times.

Before the challenge came to Berjaya Times Square, a famous Japanese variety show featured a museum that has a similar challenge. However, the museum puts a 12.5kg gold bar in the box instead of a 7kg piece.

Sadly for them, the winners at the Japanese museum only get rewarded with a pure gold card worth ¥4,500 (or RM171).

It looks like a very fun challenge. Kudos to all winners in pulling off the feat. They make it seems so easy.

What are your thoughts on this challenge? Would you visit Berjaya Times Square to attempt it? Let us know in the comments below.

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