Watch Terengganu Becomes Natural Safari, Tigers and Killer Whales Spotted in Past 3 Days

There is no need to catch live-action The Lion King in the theatre this week because the action has come to Terengganu.

The topic on everyone’s lips for lately is Terengganu and its unusual sighting of wild predator animals.

Source: Malay Mail

A pair of tigers were spotted in Kampung Besul, Dungun yesterday (Jul 18), trembling the villagers as they tried to keep a distance away from the striped skin cats.

Another sighting was a pair of killer whales in Terengganu waters, near the Pelan­tar Dulang Petronas oil drilling platform on July 16.

According to The Star, it is believed to be Terengganu’s first time welcoming the killer whales, which is also known as orcas − an adorable but dangerous dolphin species, once famously featured in Hollywood film Free Willy.

“Based on records kept by the Rantau Abang FRI and the Malaysian Fisheries Department, orcas had never appeared in Terengganu before,” Rantau Abang Fisheries Research Institute (FRI), Marine Mammals branch head Mohd Tamimi Ali Ahmad said, adding that the dolphins were spotted by the Petronas staff.

Source: The Star

Mohd Tamimi explained that orcas are apex predators who hunt quids, turtles, seabirds, sharks and other marine mammals for food.

He also said the orcas are believed to be a pair, an estimate about 6m to 8m long and weigh between 5,000kg and 6,000kg each.

Source: NST

As for the tigers, latest reports revealed that that the pair is believed to be someone’s pets, Malay Mail reported.

Citing to their tame behaviour as they roamed the street of the village, Terengganu Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) director Dr Abdul Malek Mohd Yusof said the tigers were believed to have set free to wander in the jungle by their owner before they got lost and entered the village.

“Besides, we also believe that the tame behaviour displayed by the tigers is probably due to an illness as they appeared less energetic.

“However, we cannot confirm this as the tigers are still at large,” Dr Abdul Malek told reporters at the village last night.

Source: NST

He also said that the tigers had entered back into the jungle. According to him, 20 Perhilitan staff had been tasked to find and catch the two tigers since the sighting.

Several traps have been laid in as an attempt to catch the tigers and ease the worrying villagers.

“Our team is in the midst of catching the tigers. For the time being, the villagers are advised to stop any outdoor or jungle activities to avoid tiger attacks.

“If you stumbled upon the animal, don’t try to get close to it because if it felt threatened, it might attack,” he added.

Source: Twitter

Videos of the tigers strolling down a tarmac road went viral yesterday. In them, the villagers were seen seeking refuge in vehicles. Some children were also seen running away from the approaching tigers.

One man was even seen fallen on the ground, trying to roll away from the tiger.

You can watch the full videos below:

Hopefully, none of these sightings was a direct effect from global warming or deforestation. 

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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