Watch: Twister Approaches Penang and Lasts for 40 Minutes Before Subsiding

After over a month of heatwaves that almost dried out Air Itam dam, Penang was visited by a twister that brought along rain this afternoon (Apr 1).

According to FMT, videos captured the waterspout inching towards the shore of Tanjung Bungah, the northeast of the island, at about 1.30pm today.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

The twister carrying a body of water weaved the coast before losing its speed as it veered inwards the island.

Residents who took the videos were worried about the approaching waterspout. A lady voice could be heard asking what the giant swirling of water is as she exclaimed that she was terrified.

Albeit dangerous, a waterspout is not as deadly as a tornado is. A waterspout exhibit winds of less than 30m/second, about 10 times weaker than a tornado, The Star reported.

Source: StarTV

The waterspout today lasted about 40 minutes. A bus stop glass panel was shattered due to the storm and zinc roofs were floating in the sky, destroying many public and private properties. No injuries have been reported so far.

Source: StarTV

AccuWeather, an international company that measures and forecasts climate condition, found that the wind around the area exceeded 20km/hr (or 5.5m/s) and thunderstorms are expected to hit Penang in the coming two days.

Penang is no stranger to waterspouts. In October 2017, a waterspout was spotted near to the Penang Bridge and bewildered the motorists. It is reported that it lasted for about 5 minutes then.

A spokesman for the Penang Meteorological Department said that the waterspout was not dangerous but it is better for the people to stay away from it, NST reported.

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