We Ask You to Vote the Best Food Souvenir from Each State and Here are the Results

Buying souvenir is easier said than done especially when you only want to bring the best part of your trip back to your family and friends.

Which is why we asked you in November that what would you buy when you are visiting Ipoh, Melaka, Terengganu, Kuala Lumpur, Sabah & Sarawak, Penang and Johor. And we have gathered a huge response from our readers.

A total of 3,537 participants took part in our poll to put local food to a death battle and see which delicacy would come out on top as the most favoured souvenir in each state.


Best food souvenir in Terengganu. Source: Wikipedia

When travelling to Terengganu, 70% of you answered that Keropok Lekor is a must-buy, followed by Keropok Ikan (15%), Sata (8%), Duku (3%) and Kuih Semang (2%).

Best food souvenir in KL. Source: VKeong

As for Kuala Lumpur and its greater, over half of you (57%) said Satay Kajang is the best food souvenir to tabao back. Falling behind are Bak Kua (13%), chocolate/peanut flavoured Kuih Kapit (11%), Bak Kut Teh Herbs (9%), and Durian Macarons (7%).

Best food souvenir in Johor. Source: Johor Kaki

Sharing a similar result breakdown is Johor where over half of the respondents (58%) said the best delicacy in the state is Otak Otak. The next best delicious souvenir is Mee Siput (12%), Foochow Biscuit aka Kompia (11%), Shanghai Mooncake (10%) and Bean Curd Pastry aka La Piah (8%).

Best food souvenir in East Malaysia. Source: kaki.sini

Over at East Malaysia, the best souvenir from Sabah and Sarawak is Kuih Lapis according to 62% of respondents. The rest of the respondents chose Kuih Cincin (17%), Kuih Jala (12%) and Gula Mitai (3%) as their must-buy souvenir.

The remaining three states in our quiz are Kedah (Ipoh), Melaka and Penang where each is hailed as the food haven of Malaysia. Unsurprisingly, the answers we get from these three states do not have a drastic difference where one delicacy would get over half of respondents’ approval.

Best food souvenir in Ipoh, Kedah. Source: HungryGoWhere

Starting with Ipoh, Kedah, the number one food souvenir is Ipoh White Coffee with 34% of respondents choosing it. Not far behind at 25% is Kaya Puff, followed by Salted Herb Chicken aka Yim Kok Kai (19%), Egg Yoke Pastry aka Ham Tan Sou (12%) and Egg Biscuit aka Sak Kei Ma (8%).

Best food souvenir in Melaka. Source: Lowyat Forum

The contest is even fiercer in Melaka where three food are fighting in the 20% bracket, namely Dodol Melaka (28%), Nyonya Dumpling and Kuih (26%) and Gula Melaka (24%). Lagging behind are Pineapple Tard (12%) and Balacan (8%).

Best food souvenir in Penang. Source: flickr

As for Penang, Tambun Biscuits aka Tau Sar Piah took Rojak Sauce head to head, both scoring over 30% from our respondents. Coming on top is Tau Sar Piah at 38% while Rojak Sauce falling short by six percent at 32%. Apom scored 16%, Spices from Little India, Georgetown 8%, and Roti Jari 4%.

That is not all, we also asked what is your favourite drink when you are on a beach. Coconut Water was favoured by the respondents with 65% of them choosing it, followed by Kopi Ice/Teh Ice Ikat Tepi (13%), Plain Water (10%) and Soft Drinks (9%).

When asked if any coconut products would immediately make you think that they are Buatan Malaysian (local made), respondents are split on that − 45% said yes while the rest said no.

Well, we sure hope that more people will think otherwise because Cowa is a proud Malaysian brand that produces all kind of coconut products, such as soft pack Coconut Water, Coconut Juice, Coconut virgin oil for cooking, and Coconut Chips for snacking.

Source: Facebook

The Coconut Water even comes in three flavours: original, lemon, and lemon honey. The chips also come with three flavours: original, chocolate, and honey.

For more information about Cowa’s products, visit: https://cowa.com.my

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