Woman Got Duped RM29,980 for Trying to Sell RM120 Clothing Online

In order to make RM120, this woman from Kuantan had forked out about RM30,000 just to receive that amount.

According to a report by NST on Thursday (Sept 27), the 22-year-old online scam victim put up a pair of baju kurung on a popular online marketplace in a bid to sell it off at RM120.

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She advertised the garment on the platform on Tuesday (Sept 25) and received a reply from someone named Sazulyana who expressed her interest to purchase, said State Commercial Crime Investigation Department head Superintendent Mohd Wazir Mohd Yusof.

“The victim contacted the woman and gave her bank account number for payment purpose.

“However, the suspect asked the victim to make other payments before the former could get the RM120.

“The victim received a copy of supposed slip from a foreign bank that showed that the suspect had transferred a sum of money to her account.

“The suspect claimed that she could not transfer the payment of the baju kurung to the victim’s bank account as she was currently abroad. The victim was asked to pay a fee for the money transfer,” said the police head.

Source: NST

Upon hearing that, the lady transferred a total of RM28,980 in five transactions to the mysterious Sazulyana’s two bank accounts.

“The victim realized that she was duped as she did not receive the money for the baju kurung as promised even after following the suspect’s instructions.

“She then lodged a report at the Kuantan police district headquarters yesterday (Wednesday),” revealed Mohd Yusof.

The case was brought into the investigation under 420 of the Penal Code for cheating. The police urged members of the public to be extra cautious when carrying out online sales or purchases.

Such a modus operandi isn’t unheard of in Malaysia. Recently, some Malaysians had encounter “coin collector” scam where the suspect would ask the victim to pay a certain amount of money to the “international bank” in order for the transaction to complete.

One netizen had taken some of his time out to play along with the suspect and the conversation of the two started from numismatics to FBI, and to wild boar. The post was published by Roysie Mandadi and it had gone viral with over 18,000 shares. You can read the hilarious exchange below:

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