Xing Fu Tang is Now “Certified” Halal But Influencers And Jakim Said It’s Not

The bubble tea craze is so widespread that once a famous bubble tea chain announced that they are now “certified” Halal, the news went viral over an instant.

The bubble tea chain we are talking about here is Xing Fu Tang, which its name can be translated into “Realm of Happiness”.

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Taking to Facebook to announce its Halal status, Xing Fu Tang Malaysia said they are now certified halal by Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI).

“This Halal certification quarantees (sic) and assures that all our products, preparation method and source of ingredients are in compliance with the Islamic doctrine,” XFT Malaysia wrote on the post published yesterday but has already gone viral with over 2,000 shares.

XFT Malaysia posted the news along with a photo of the certification, adding that they are amidst converting the MUI certification into the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (JAKIM) certification.

The bubble tea chain said the MUI certification is recognized by JAKIM and very soon, Malaysians could verify their Halal status on XFT Malaysia also provided their certificate reference number (no. 03130016420617) and its certificate validity (from 25 June 2019 to 24 June 2021).

Since the post went viral, a few influencers have responded to it. Other than netizen Siti Mariam Zainon who infamously claimed last month that Muslims who drink non-Halal bubble teas will go to hell, YouTuber Kokom also warned fellow Malaysians not to drink XFT Malaysia just yet.

“Sorry that I have to share this but it is for everyone’s own good. (XFT Malaysia’s) post is quite misleading,” Kokom who often produces sketch comedies wrote. His post has gone viral with over 5,000 shares since it was published four hours ago.

“Xing Fu Tang announced their Halal certification is from MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia). A product that produces in Malaysia should get a Malaysian certification.”

He said if the product is packed and imported into Malaysia without any added processes, then the MUI can be recognized. But if the product has to go through added processes in Malaysia, then the certification is not valid.

Kokom claimed that the post is confusing netizens but he concluded that he is not trying to push the members of the public to boycott XFT Malaysia.

Siti Mariam Zainon also echoed what Kokom had said.

“I am confused by many Facebook pages who are sharing (XFT Malaysia’s) Indonesia Halal certificate with captions such as ‘yeah, we can finally drink XFT’ or ‘we can drink without feeling guilty now’,” Siti wrote, “that certification is not from JAKIM and please read the statement from JAKIM itself here.”

JAKIM announced today (Jul 22) that XFT Malaysia has yet to be Halal certified until this day.

The Islamic body that grants Halal certifications to food and beverages companies expressed their disapproval of how XFT Malaysia is confusing consumers without first getting certified by them.

Siti previously warned her fellow Muslims not to drink non-Halal bubble teas or they will face these five consequences:

1) Prayer will not be fulfilled
2) It will ruin the heart and mind
3) It is an unacceptable practice
4) Bring yourself to hell
5) Curse the descent of your bloodline

Her post on June 9 was reshared over 11,000 times and our FeedMe Malaysia article covering the issue went viral too. You can read our previous coverage here:

The Halal crisis on bubble teas continues. We wish XFT Malaysia the best in obtaining the cert so that we all Malaysians can enjoy the chewy boba together! 

Source: Tenor

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