You Can Now Listen to Spotify for Free With Skippable Function − Should You Still Pay for It?

Spotify is undoubtedly one of the best music streaming platforms out there with reasonably good free features and even better perks when you are a premium user. But that is about to change…

Source: The Verge

Yesterday (Apr 24), Spotify had announced added features for its 90 million free users, something unprecedented as premium users’ features have been actively getting new functions over the year while free users’ accessibility stayed the same since 2014. The announcement was made in an event in New York City by vice president of product development Babar Zafar and chief R&D officer Gustav Söderström. So what are the new features for free users?

Say goodbye to shuffle-only playback, free users can now skip songs in 15 designated playlists which are generated and constantly updated based on your listening habits.

Yes, you read that right. For those who don’t fuss about songs suddenly disappear from playlists or songs mysteriously being recommended to you based on Spotify’s algorithm derived out of your listening habits, then you can skip paying RM14.90. Spotify will roll out this freemium to all of its free users in the coming weeks.

To be more specific, the company also added a few more functions for new users and here are 5 things Spotify free users will be able to enjoy after the app makeover:

1. On-demand playlists

Source: Spotify

Fifteen new on-demand playlists where free users can pick and play any song without waiting on shuffle to bring them up. The playlists will be unique to you and they may include Spotify-curated playlists like Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mix. A combined total of 750 songs will be in the 15 playlists and The Verge reported that they are very likely to update daily.

If you ask me, the only upgrade is the skippable feature and a repackaged of “Discover Weekly” playlist spanned to 14 more variations. If you are not a music connoisseur, this new free feature might just be enough.

2. More personalized (easy access)

Source: Spotify

Upon signing up a Spotify account, you will be asked about the artists you love, and Spotify will deliver curated playlists that match your musical taste and personalized playlists. The playlists will be easily accessible on home screen unlike before which requires more steps to manoeuvre into your playlist.

3. Make Spotify yours (♡ or ⊗ )

Source: Spotify

If you like a song that you are listening to, you will soon be able to tap on LIKE  and the song will be saved into your favourite playlist, whereas if you don’t like it, you tap on HIDE  and the song will never appear again.

Yes, it’s like when Tinder meets Spotify.

4. Create your own playlists (new interface)

Source: Spotify

Now that once you have created a playlist and named it, Spotify will prompt out a search and preview interface for you to quickly set up the playlist. However, they won’t stay the same permanently. Spotify will periodically update the list based on your listening behaviour.

5. Play music using less mobile data with Data Saver

Source: Spotify

Just toggle the data saver switch on and you will be saving 75% of mobile data as you stream through your playlists.

Spotify has over 90 million free users currently and based on last year December report, it’s revealed that the company had a total of 159 million users and 71 million of them were premium subscribers. It’s also said that 60% of free users eventually turn to become premium subscribers. Now, Spotify is working to keep free users satisfied and not have them feeling like second-class listeners.

Are you currently a premium user or you are not a Spotify user at all? Would you be keen to try out this freemium feature? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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