Young Chef Makes “Naruto’s Hand Sign” Before Spitting Into Bowl Of Chicken Feet

Food tampering is a serious crime convictable under the Food Act 1983. But it seems like this seemingly trainee chef had no thought of the world when he spat into a bowl of food.

According to China Press, a viral video has been spreading like wildfire which saw a young male chef spat into a bowl of chicken feet in a kitchen.

The chef could be seen making a hand sign which resembles a widely popular Japanese anime series called Naruto where the characters will make a certain hand gesture to cast power. The chef then spat into the unseparated chicken feet before he started to laugh and continued mixing again.

Source: Tumblr

It was unclear of what the chef said before he spat to the bowl, but we managed to recognize the word “Arigatou” before he started laughing.


“Arigatou (Thank you)…”

His fellow colleague, who was recording the footage, could be heard laughing along with him as well.

Many netizens have condemned the chef for food tampering. Some demanded to know the location of the eatery so that they could avoid going there.

One netizen said, “Somebody who watches Naruto and just went crazy”.

Another netizen said, “A person who does not respect food is not suited to be a cook at all!!”

“Recording while laughing at the same time. See if you will still laugh if my entire slipper flies to the chicken feet and you eat it”, one wrote.

It is unknown which eatery that both men were working.

You can watch the full video on the next page.

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