YouTube Down From 9.20AM to 11AM, Life Stopped Around The World

Imagine you are working and you are the sort to go to YouTube to seek guides on how to make a pie chart in Microsoft Excel? Or imagine you are having your breakfast alone and you need a 10-minute video to keep you entertained as you go?

YouTube is one of our best companions in life but earlier today (Oct 17), the giant video platform was down for about two hours and everybody was losing their mind. Our buddy is dead! Please resuscitate him Google big brother!

According to The Verge, the outage started at about 9.20am (Malaysian time) and it only came back up at about 11am. YouTube took to Facebook and Twitter to confirm the matter and reassured userd that the company was taking steps to bring it back online.

YouTube is the second most visited website (after Google) and the second most users social media platform (after Facebook). For it being out for about two hours meant that people around the world had to compromise some bit of convenience in order to move on with their lives. We can only imagine how YouTube content creators felt when their “company they work for” suddenly vanished. We also can’t wait our favourite YouTubers complain about it in a new video later today!

Despite being out, one netizen in some part of the globe consulted PornHub to continue his day. Not watching erotic content, however, @nickycyanspars watched Minecraft gameplay video on the pornography site. Too bad Malaysians can’t join the fun because our government love banning porn sites! 

Here are some of the jokes and reactions FeedMe Malaysia found about the ordeal:

Man: Why are you crying. Boy: YouTube is inaccessible. I want to watch spicy noodle challenge and prank videos. Man: I will bring you to see a doctor later. Source: Facebook | Xiao Ming

Source: Radionz

Some people actually called the police.

Here are some responses from your fellow YouTubers:

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